Truck & Big Rig Accidents

North Dakota Big Rig Accident Lawyer

According to recent statistics there are approximately 500,000 big rig, or truck, accidents every year across the U.S. Out of these 500,000 big rig accidents, an estimated 5,000 people tragically lose their lives each year. Death rates from big rig accidents far surpass that of any other type of motor vehicle for obvious reasons. Even if individuals survive these accidents, their injuries are normally catastrophic, and often result in extensive recovery times. Some injuries result in permanent or partial paralysis, permanent brain damage, physical and vocational rehabilitation, as well as temporary or permanent loss of income. If you or a loved one has been involved in a big rig/truck accident, North Dakota Big Rig Accident Lawyer offers a free consultation to assist you in receiving the compensation you deserve.

Primary Reasons for Accidents Involving Big Rigs:

  • Speed
  • Tires that need to be replaced resulting in inability to stop in time, or tire blowouts
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Distraction
  • Improperly loaded, or overloaded trucks
  • Poor truck maintenance
  • Sleep deprived drivers
  • Drivers that fail to yield

If you are involved in a big rig accident, it is critical for the proper authorities to be contacted immediately to ensure that you, or a qualified witness (other than the truck driver), if you are unable to do so, can give them accurate information surrounding the accident. Be careful to simply provide the facts without any speculation as to how or why the accident occurred. In addition, even if you do not think you were injured, always seek medical attention to determine if you have injuries that may not be immediately evident as some brain, and/or physical injuries may not become apparent for a few hours, or even days.

Maintenance Logs

States have strict laws requiring big rig drivers to maintain logs that include recording their driving schedules, the products they carry, delivery schedules, truck maintenance schedules, weight of each load, details involving accidents, etc. Big rig drivers, and their companies, are responsible for maintaining and keeping these logs for a certain period of time, and may dispose of them once they have met the time requirement unless, they have been in an accident and ordered by the court to retain the logs for possible future litigation. The time requirement to keep the logs varies by state; therefore, time is always of the essence if you are injured, or have lost a loved, one in a big rig accident. Having access to the big rig’s maintenance log can directly affect, and even determine if you receive the compensation you deserve in one of these accidents.

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