Trailer Accidents

Trailer Accident Attorney in North Dakota

Unfortunately, trailer and semi-truck accidents occur far too frequently in North Dakota. From semi-trailers being loaded improperly to stacking more than the maximum amount of cargo on the trailer bed, trailer truck accidents can cause major injuries to the other drivers and passengers involved. Load problems also create problems for the actual trailer driver if the shifted load pushes its way into the cab area of the truck.

With major cities like Minot and major highways such as US 83, US 2, and US 52, North Dakota has a multitude of trucks traveling through the state. In trailer accidents with major injuries, the truck driver, trailer-truck company and the loading company may all be liable for damages. An experienced trailer accident attorney from Traynor Law Firm will know who is liable and will help you understand what will be covered in your settlement.

Causes of Trailer Truck Accidents

  • Improper loading of the trailer
  • Overloading the trailer
  • Unfavorable road conditions
  • Poorly trained trailer driver
  • Cab or trailer breakdown due to maintenance issues
  • Tired or impaired driver

Investigation of a Semi-Trailer Accident

Traynor Law Firm will conduct an in-depth investigation into the accident to assess the cause and determine all parties that played a role in the wreck. Often, expert witnesses are required to develop a case that is successful in establishing causation. Our trailer accident attorney team will gather each piece of evidence that is pertinent to your claim. Our staff is dedicated to your complete recovery, both physically and financially.

North Dakota Department of Transportation Regulations

The Department of Transportation in North Dakota and the Federal Government have established laws governing the trailer industry in order to provide a certain level of safety for professional drivers and the drivers around them. Some of the regulations include:

Size Limits for North Dakota trucks and trailers:

  • Legal width limit: 8´ 6´´(102´´)
  • Legal height limit: 14´
  • Legal Limit for a Truck or single vehicle: 50´
  • Maximum Limit for a Semi: 53´

Weight limits for North Dakota trucks and trailers:

  • Maximum legal gross weight cannot exceed 105,500 pounds.
  • Maximum legal weight for a single axle cannot exceed 20,000 pounds.
  • Maximum legal weight for a tandem axle group cannot exceed 34,000 pounds.

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