Representative Trial Expertise

Traynor Law Firm successfully defended a regional business in a disability claim brought by a former employee alleging damages in excess of $500,000. The District Court granted summary judgment in favor of our client, dismissing claims for discrimination under the North Dakota Human Rights Act and intentional, reckless, and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

The Traynor Law Firm successfully defended a national nursing home facility in a claim valued in excess of $300,000 for breach of contract, including allegations of fraud and deceit, relating to a purported employment contract with the individual. After the trial court denied summary judgment, our attorneys were able to win the matter at trial, resulting in a dismissal and award of costs.

Our attorneys recently negotiated a separation agreement with a public employee accused of rape. In the process, our firm was able to avoid adverse media attention concerning the incident for the client.

Our firm recently prevailed in a matter in which we represented the owner of an apartment complex accused of discrimination on the basis of sexual preference; the matter was resolved in administrative proceedings before the Department of Labor.

The Traynor Law Firm obtained summary dismissal of a claim against two foreign nurses who were recruited to work in a facility in Kansas. After the nurses left the Kansas facility, which was purportedly in violation of their agreement, the employment recruiter sued them demanding damages for breach, including a return of costs. Our attorneys successfully argued that the contract was unenforceable under North Dakota law, resulting in a summary judgment dismissal.

Defense of a corporation for injury at an oil well site involving a fire that injured personnel from various oil servicing companies.

Handled the successful buy-out of the City of Churches Ferry as part of a settlement with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and the Federal Emergency Management Agency relating to the flooding caused by Devils Lake in North Dakota.

Representation of property owners in a property line dispute concerning proportional allocation of shoreline among landowners in a lakeside development.

Representation of property owner in a trespass action relating to unauthorized installation of a culvert in a township road. Matter was settled shortly after trial court authorized an award of punitive damages based upon the other party's conduct.

Our firm provided coverage advice to a homeowner insurance carrier relating to damage to a home caused by either flooding or seepage. As a result of our work, the insurer was able to avoid a formal claim and resolve the potential homeowner's claim for far less than the limits (or the claims of damage made by the insured).

Our firm successfully negotiated a reclamation plan for a mining company after removal of materials from the site in an action that avoided claims of improper reclamation by the State.

Defense of a trucking company relating to a claim of injury in a rear-end collision case with a parked truck on a state highway valued at over $200,000. Our attorneys prevailed in a motion to dismiss on jurisdictional grounds. The dismissal was later affirmed by the North Dakota Supreme Court.

Our attorneys recently handled a licensing issue for a licensed addiction counselor accused of inappropriate relations with an inmate at a correctional facility. Through our firm's handling of the matter, the allegations were shown to be erroneous and the client avoided a permanent license suspension.

Our attorneys successfully represented an applicant for certified nursing assistant who received a denial from the State Board of Nursing. We argued successfully that the denial was improper. The client's application was approved and she is a licensed CNA.

The Traynor Law Firm successfully defended an attorney for malpractice relating to failure to timely handle a collection action. The Court agreed with our motion for summary judgment and dismissed our client, a longtime attorney in a rural community.

Our firm represented a homeowner in the handling of a construction professional negligence claim for multiple contractor errors. The claim was resolved at mediation with the contractor for an amount greater than what was initially paid to the contractor for labor and materials.