Oil Field Accidents

While proper training and caution help reduce accidents at an oil drilling site, it is still an extremely dangerous occupation.

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North Dakota oil field accidents often occur due to:

  • Lack of proper safeguards
  • Inadequate safety training for new and existing employees
  • Malfunctioning equipment
  • Tools falling from oil derricks
  • Human falls from oil derricks
  • Collapsing rigs
  • Leaks from gas lines
  • Explosions and subsequent fires
  • Human error and negligence
  • Employer negligence

Anyone who has ever experienced working at an oil drilling site understands the physical demands, risky behavior of co-workers, lengthy work hours, the possibility for human error, and other perilous conditions that leave them vulnerable to serious and sometimes fatal injuries.

Due to high volumes of noise surrounding an oil drilling site, communication is done primarily using hand signals which often prevents workers from being able to communicate a precarious and dangerous situation to co-workers when they are in imminent danger.

Poorly maintained oil field equipment can break down and cause extensive injuries that are often permanent and debilitating even if the person survives.

Traynor Law Firm Lawyers will focus on:

  • Securing payments for your medical bills
  • Securing payments for medical equipment
  • In-home care
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Mental/emotional rehabilitation
  • Current and future loss of wages
  • Funeral expenses in case of death
  • Loss of future income to beneficiaries (spouse and/or children)

North Dakota has an abundance of oil fields providing employment to hundreds of workers demonstrating what a lucrative business this is; however, it also provides an inherently dangerous environment for those same workers. If an oil field employee is injured on the job, they are statistically more likely to suffer more severe injuries than in any other industry, and also likely to require more time to heal from those injuries than someone who is working in a different environment and injured on the job.

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